University Committee Structure


B. Boards/Committees of Senate
B2 Academic Planning and Regulations Committee
B3.4 College Board
B4 Learning and Teaching Committee
B6 Research Committee

C. Committees of the President
C1 Budget and Resources Committee
C2 Grievance Committee
C3 President’s Executive Committee

D. Consultative/Advisory Groups of the President
D2 Faculty/School Advisory Committee
D2.1 Faculty Advisory Committee
D2.2 School Advisory Committee
D5 Students’ Union Consultative Group

E. Other Committees/Consultative Groups of the University
E1 Appointments Committees
E2 Academic Council
• Terms of Reference and Membership
• Meeting Documents
(for members, Heads and the Senior Management only)
E3 Areas of Excellence Committee
E4 Campus Development and Space Allocation Committee
E5 Campus Sustainability Committee
E6 Culture Promotion Committee
E7 Departmental Advisory Committee
E8 Entrepreneurial Programmes Management Committee
E9 Equipment and General Purchases Tender Committee
E10 Ethics Committee
E11 Health and Safety Committee
E12 Information Services Steering Committee
E13 Quality Assurance Committee (Non-academic Units)
E14 Student Discipline Committee
E15 PUSA Consultative Group

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