Windhoek Medical University defines the competencies that students should exhibit upon graduation in relation to their subsequent training and future roles in health system. This policy complements the progression of candidates that the Board of Examiners has put in place and these are:

A course score of 44% and below is a fail grade designated D.
A course score of 45 – 49% (D+) qualifies for a supplementary examination.
A student cannot have more than two supplementary examinations.
A student who fails two (2) courses is eligible to repeat the semester/year.
A student cannot repeat a course or a year more than twice.
A student who fails three (3) courses will be excluded from the programme.

For courses in which each year is a pre-requisite for the subsequent year (e.g. MBChB, BSc. Pharm), a student cannot proceed and repeat courses at the same time.
A student repeating a semester/year will undertake all the courses including previously passed courses. Courses in the school are complementary and integrated and as such cannot be undertaken in isolation.
All repeated courses must be passed. The transcript of results will reflect the higher grade in cases of repeated courses


The pass mark (standard) will be a score of 50% for the course offered. Continuous assessment will contribute 40% of the total score. Two (2) or more assessments during the semester will constitute continuous assessment. The final examination will contribute 60% of the total score for the course. In clinical courses, the clinical examination and the theoretical examinations must be passed independently. Failure in the clinical examination will entail failure in the course


A+90 – 100Upper Distinction
A80 – 89Lower Distinction
B+70 – 79Merit
B60 – 69Credit
C+55 – 59Definite Pass


D+45 – 49Bare Fail
D40 – 44Fail
E+0 – 39Outright Fail