The Bridging Program is design for first intake TVET trainees who have completed TVET Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) and Modular Systems at NQA Level 3 at public and private TVET institutions and, for those first intake trainees who did complete Grade 12 (NSSCO) Ordinary with minimum 23 Points Grade 12 (NSSCO) Ordinary. The Program is an accredited Program and aims at providing trainees with academic skills, lab skills and other support services necessary to improve through intensive remedial classes the preparation and ease of the transition from TVET Center or Secondary School to a very demanding technical. The goal is to ensure success in each technical program offered through tutoring, mentoring and coaching activities linked to the intended objectives to be achieved with the training of the trainee

The bridging courses are design to:

  • Increase the appropriate usage of Mathematics, Science, ICT, English, Entrepreneurship and Technology
  • Expose trainees to the usage of the industry terminologies, concepts, industry tasks, relationships to strengthen the trainees’ motivation, self- confidence, passion
  • Build working relations between and among the trainees and tutors, mentors or coaches so as to ensure that a trustlearning environment is created, where the trainees can benefit from the content provided to build specific learning goals or specific competencies required by the industry.