The challenges the health sector currently faces is twofold, firstly, the burden of disease (double burden, communicable and non-communicable). The Strategic Plan of MOHSS reviewed that the HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and reproductive health has been glooming and requiring attention...
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Our Degree and Foundation programs will be delivered in partnership with the Universities in Moldova, Cyprus and Nigeria. As such, studying locally with us may be financially more attractive when compared to studying away at university. The WM University will be renowned for high quality, leading education, research and innovation in respect to medical and allied health field....
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The Bridging Program is design for first intake TVET trainees who have completed TVET Competency-Based Education and Training and Modular Systems at NQA Level 3 at public and private TVET institutions and, for those first intake trainees who did complete Grade 12 (NSSCO) Ordinary with minimum 23 Points Grade 12...
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